Trauma Informed Care

Trauma can have long-lasting effects on our minds and bodies. Do you have difficulties in your relationships, friendships, or work? Do you have a hard time accomplishing goals? Developmental trauma and childhood experiences are pervasive and detrimental to our mental health and ability to have a successful and fulfilling life. 

With trauma, the mind and body separate, so we have to work to reconnect them. We help you learn how to notice thoughts, feelings, and body sensations, so you can become aware of those seemingly small and insignificant things that bring you back into the trauma that happened a long time ago. 

Who were you before your trauma? Who do you want to become? Our work together will lead you to feel a greater sense of self, so you can feel safe within your body and mind. You don’t have to continue to suffer. Therapy can help you ease the pain and find peace again.

Depression and Anxiety

Are you feeling depressed or anxious? Have you experienced these feelings for a long time and don’t know what to do? Experiences during childhood, family dynamics, and your relationships with significant caregivers can deeply impact your mental health as an adult. There’s a link between the past and the present. You don’t need to be labeled or diagnosed with having depression or anxiety to know if you are suffering. Emotional pain, whether it’s from emotional neglect as a child or a recent experience, manifests in everyday life. It affects how you think about yourself, your relationships, and the world. 

Are you stuck in a pattern of all-or-nothing thinking? No one is OK all the time. Our emotions fluctuate and serve a purpose. Life isn’t all or nothing, not black or white, right or wrong. Do you find yourself thinking, “I’m all bad,” or “I’m not good enough”? Therapy helps you restore balance and look at yourself in a more nuanced way. We help you change, “I’m never good enough,” to “I’m having a bad day today, but I will be OK tomorrow,” and “This is the best I can do right now.” You’ll learn that your current feelings are temporary and shift away from extremes. 

We can help you restore that balance. Depression and anxiety will never be totally gone, emotions are what makes us human. But it will be a small part of your life and not overwhelming. We’ll look at patterns that are related to depression and anxiety and figure out what works for you. Instead of focusing on what changes need to be made, we work on accepting what is. When you can learn to accept yourself as you are, you’ll find that you’ll be able to live a more balanced, peaceful, and fulfilling life.

Grief and Loss

Grief and loss isn’t only about losing a loved one. It’s about life transitions and the loss of a previous way of life. This could mean losing your job, losing an aspect of functioning because of illness or injury, or adolescents moving away from home. Whatever the reason, grief can have a profound impact on our emotional well-being, the way you perceive things, your relationships, and your ability to function.

We are here for you and understand that grief can result from different life events and take many different forms. Sometimes people are so focused on moving forward in life and making those changes that they forget to grieve. Grieving is an important process when we experience loss, so it’s important to process your feelings and find meaning so you can move forward. 

Accepting loss and making changes is a balance that is often difficult to achieve. We believe that grief shouldn’t be a passive acceptance of loss, but that it is important to have an active role in grief. Memorializing the loss through a symbolic experience, such as a ceremony or spending time in nature, can help you find that balance. Therapy can help you understand your loss and grieve in a meaningful way so you can be in control of your story.

Behavioral Issues

No one ever said parenting was easy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be rewarding and full of love. If you feel like you’ve lost control and just don’t know what to do anymore, we can help. We take a compassionate and positive parenting approach to working with parents and family units. 

We are trained in the Positive Parenting Program technique, which utilizes positive reinforcement, praise, spending quality time, and catching kids being good (not bad). We give your child the opportunity to develop emotional intelligence. This helps the child understand what they are experiencing is OK - it’s OK to have feelings and find life difficult sometimes. If you hold the space for your child to have these experiences and fully feel them, you’re going to do them an incredible favor. It prevents them from experiencing depression and anxiety as adolescents and adults. They’ll have a sense of safety with their family and within themselves. 

If you are a parent who is dedicated to developing your child’s emotional intelligence and ready to take a positive parenting approach, we can help. Focus on the positive aspects of your child’s behavior and foster a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Premarital Counseling Program

Are you getting ready to get married? Do you find yourselves arguing all the time? Are you looking to improve your communication and intimacy? Prepare Enrich is a premarital counseling program that helps couples deepen their relationship so they can move forward together with greater understanding, confidence, and love. 

The program includes an assessment questionnaire, tools, resources, and a workbook so you can use what you’ve learned for the rest of your lives together. You can choose between a 6- or 12-session personalized program that assesses where your relationship currently stands, helps you talk about what really matters, and provides you with the skills to strengthen your healthy, growth-oriented partnership.

As you prepare for marriage, arguing, stress, and secrecy can make you feel uncertain about the future of your relationship. Prepare Enrich can help you improve your communication, have difficult conversations about sensitive topics, and reinforce your love and compassion for each other.